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Open your business to quicker payments, lower cost and better cash flow by using Online EFTPOS by Worldline.

Invoice payments made easy

Online EFTPOS by Worldline enables your customers to pay directly from their bank account using their mobile banking app on their smartphone.

To pay, your customers simply select 'Pay Now' on your invoice, select their bank and enter their mobile number on the payments page, then they approve the payment in their mobile banking app.

That's it, it’s the safer and easier way to pay invoices, your customers never need expose their payment or banking credentials.


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Learn how to set up Online EFTPOS with your Xero account

Better business with Worldline

New Customers

Offer Choice

Give your customers choice with how they pay your invoices & without the need for a card or manually entering in a bank account.

Better Cashflow

Better Cashflow

Low cost - 1% transaction fees (capped at $3 per transaction). Overnight settlement of your funds and no charge backs.

Faster Checkout

Simple Reconciliation

Xero will automatically match payments to the invoices as they are paid, making it easier to do your reconciliation.

Secure Easy

Secure and Easy

With the highest levels of fraud protection, you can focus on the things that matter most to your business.

24/7 local support and over 30 years’ of Kiwi know-how

Worldline provides our customers with round-the-clock local support. We know the New Zealand market, the challenges of selling from Aotearoa to the world, and how to keep you safe.

Designed to be easy

Easy Intergration

Easy Integration

No need for long complicated access codes. Once you have access to our portal, you only need your Xero login to connect it up.

Friendly Compliance

Compliance Friendly

Because we don't use credit card details, you can enjoy full security without the burden of PCI compliance.

Proven Partnerships

Real-time Transactions

See your invoice status' updated in real-time as payments are made.

Sandbox Testing

Future Proof Your Business

If your business evolves to needing an online eCommerce site, all the hard work is already done for you to accept payments online.

Ready to get going? Find everything you need to know on how to set up your Online EFTPOS by Worldline account with Xero.

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Our pricing is extremely competitive and simple. 1% per transaction (capped at $3), no monthly fees and no set up costs.

  • No monthly fees
  • No set up fees
  • No minimum terms

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