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When cards are used to pay for goods and services in stores throughout New Zealand, chances are Paymark has played a part in the transaction process.

We sit between your customer’s bank and your EFTPOS machine to make sure that all funds successfully end up in your business’ account. We have been processing secure and reliable digital transactions for over 25 years and 75% of all transactions throughout the country are processed on our market leading network.

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Our rigorous certification process means only the latest hardware and software qualifies to operate on our network

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3DES technology ensures every transaction has over a trillion encryption combinations

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Multiple processing systems across two data centres ensures our outstanding uptime levels

New Zealand’s leading payments network has the features your business needs

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No one can match our world-class availability and ability to scale when required. Currently we transact for 80,000 merchants who operate 140,000+ EFTPOS machines.

We are the only payments network that gives you access to all your transactional data. With Paymark Insights you can get a real-time view of your sales, revenue, repeat customers and settlement data from wherever you are, on any device. To learn more on how Paymark Insights can help you unlock your business' potential, click here.

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Every transaction going through your physical and online stores

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Transactions across all, or a subset, of your stores

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Your own reports for download

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Our Auckland-based Call Centre team are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Since Paymark’s inception in 1989, New Zealanders have come to rely heavily on electronic funds purchase. Today in fact, we have the lowest amount of cash in circulation in the world. As a nation we rely on EFTPOS to make purchases of any kind, so if you’re planning on running a business in this country you need EFTPOS.


What’s the cost?

$14.00 + GST per EFTPOS machine per month - it's that simple. Connecting to the Paymark network is free over a standard broadband connection.


How do I get set-up?

The best way to go about setting up EFTPOS is to contact the Merchant Services Team at your bank. Through the bank, you'll obtain a merchant facility and sign an agreement between yourself, the bank and Paymark.

Where do I get my EFTPOS machine?

You'll also need to get your EFTPOS machine/s sorted. These are installed by our partner network of Accredited Resellers - independent companies found throughout the country that have undergone and can attest to our certification standards when it comes to providing hardware and software.



Need a custom card solution?

Issue your own loyalty and debit cards and take advantage of our sophisticated payments network to deliver a tailored customer experience.