Secure online payments from a smartphone

Online EFTPOS is fast, easy, and one of the most secure payment methods available to customers. 

Online checkout made easy

Online EFTPOS enables your customers to pay online with their smart phone.

To pay, customers simply enter their mobile number and select their bank on your payments page, then they approve the payment on their mobile banking app.

That's it, it’s the safer and easier way to pay online, your customers never need expose their payment or banking credentials.



Online EFTPOS makes your business better

New Customers

New Customers

Give customers choice at checkout & reach customers without the need for a card.

Better Cashflow

Better Cashflow

Low cost - typically 1% transaction fees. Overnight settlement of your funds and no charge backs.

Faster Checkout

Faster Checkout

Trusted by Online EFTPOS enables one click transactions and speeds up the check out process significantly.

Secure and Easy

Secure and Easy

Highest levels of fraud protection. Simple integration with your payment page. Easy management and reporting tools.

24/7 local support and over 30 years’ of Kiwi know-how

Worldline provides our customers with round-the-clock local support. We know the New Zealand market, the challenges of selling from Aotearoa to the world, and how to keep you safe.

The attractive choice for customers

So easy to pay

“So easy to pay that way instead of entering credit card details online, and needing to pay off purchases each month”

No second transfer needed

“This means it can come straight off my main account instead of using the credit card and transferring money over to pay for it!”

Don't have my card on me

“Super handy for those days I don't have my card on me but there's a good special”

Pay straight away, no debt

“Great to be able to be pay for something straight away from my account instead of locking up debt with the credit card!”

I don’t have a credit card

“Simply put - I don't own a credit or debit plus card! This would be faster than paying via internet banking too so would be the preference”

So easy without passwords

“I don't have to remember passwords or credit card numbers, oh lord this could get out of hand very quickly”

Designed for developers

Flexible and Easy Integration

Flexible and Easy Integration

You could be up and running with Online EFTPOS within 24 hours.

Sandbox Testing

Sandbox Testing

Try our sandbox integration so you can test without having to use actual payment data.

Compliance Friendly

Compliance Friendly

Because Online EFTPOS doesn’t use credit card details, you can enjoy full security without the burden of PCI compliance.

Proven Partnerships

Proven Partnerships

Integrations with our partners means the hard work is done for you.

Find everything you need to know about the Online
EFTPOS technical integration and gain access to all
API documentation

View Technical Docs

Trusted and Transformative

100’s of clever Kiwi retailers already use Online EFTPOS at checkout


Online EFTPOS pricing is extremely competitive and simple. Talk to us today about how Online EFTPOS can save you money and help you reach new customers.

  • No monthly fees
  • No set up fees
  • No minimum terms

Let’s work together

Expand your online payment options at low-cost. Get in touch with our team to learn more about Online EFTPOS including integration and pricing options.

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