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Live transaction feeds

A live transaction feed means you see every card transaction in fine detail, instantly. No more waiting.

Unlock your Live Transaction Feed
Live transaction feeds

Customer Loyalty

With new vs return customer rates and their spending trends, Paymark Insights can help you identify whether a loyalty scheme is needed, or working!

See your Loyalty Rates

Real-time sales and revenue

Live business performance means instant ability to unlock more of your business potential. Turn a good day into a great day.

See your Real-time Figures

Multi-store Overview

See all your stores in one place, and rank by performance so you can tell where you’re needed. See each store in greater detail.

See your Stores

Mobile business reporting

Stay connected to your business performance wherever you are. Log on from anywhere on any device.

Unlock Mobile Reporting


$20 +GST

per month/per store

  • No contract, no commitment
  • Over 12 months of historical Insights from day one
  • Live card transaction feeds
  • New and returning customer spend patterns
  • Instant access from anywhere
  • Multi-store comparison tools

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