Security is our highest priority here at Worldline, and like any device, your terminal must be upgraded and replaced regularly. Regular updates ensure that your terminals are operating in a safe and secure way and avoid any data or security breaches.


What terminals need to be replaced or upgraded?

All terminals using 3.x hardware will need to be replaced with a new terminal before 30th June 2024. The hardware version is set by the PCI Security Standards Council and Payments New Zealand have stipulated this date for New Zealand terminals. 

Any terminal that is 3.x hardware which does not get upgraded or replaced before the stipulated date will be at risk of being disconnected from the Worldline network. 

To check which of your terminals need to be upgraded or replaced you can use our Terminal Checker page (only available for Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers) for more information.


Why must you upgrade?

All EFTPOS terminals must operate with the latest mandatory security standards to reduce the risk of fraud. Fraud costs us all. In meeting these compulsory security standards, as required by the PCI Security Standards Council, and the banking and credit card governing bodies, you are meeting your obligation to keep our payments systems fast, efficient and above all – secure. 


How to replace or upgrade your terminals

As different terminals require different processes it’s important that you contact your terminal provider to discuss options. Upgrading and replacing terminal hardware may take some time, so please contact them as soon as possible. If you do not know who your current EFTPOS terminal provider is, look for a sticker on your EFTPOS terminal. 

To check the compliance of your terminal(s), please use our Terminal Checker page (only available for Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers).


What will happen if I don't replace or upgrade my terminal?

If you are on any 3.x hardware you must replace your terminal(s) before the 30th June 2024 otherwise you will be at risk of being disconnected from the Worldline network after these dates. We strongly advise that you upgrade or replace you effected terminals as soon as possible. 


For more information on terminals, please go to our Support Centre or view our approved devices list.