Gone are the days where credit and debit mean a fork in the checkout road. Click comes with Online EFTPOS built in, so your customers can either make payment with a credit card or via their mobile banking app. Click also comes with flexible subscription pricing, so you’ll only ever pay for what you use.

Saves dollars. Makes sense.

Get online without the guesswork

We don’t expect you to know how many payments you will process each month. With Click, we bill you based on the number of transactions you processed during the previous month. From there, you’ll fall into one of these simple tiers. No variable transaction fees. No overages. No guesswork.

0 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 200
201 - 500
501 - 1,000
1,001 - 2,000

To discuss what bundle tier best fits your business needs contact us. If you process more than 2,000 transactions or require an integrated solution we can help you there as well. Our digital payments team will work to get you up and running in no time.

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Leverage New Zealand’s biggest payments network and our 24/7 helpdesk

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Enjoy advanced management and reporting, via our user-friendly merchant portal


The only gateway that offers Online EFTPOS seamlessly

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Accept major worldwide cards

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Simplified pricing and no minimum contract period

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Scalable and suitable for all kiwi business

Click customers can also enjoy Online EFTPOS

Click is the only eCommerce gateway that offers Online EFTPOS as a payment option for your business. Online EFTPOS enables your customers to buy online using their mobile banking app without ever having to enter their personal banking or card payment data into your website. Check out the video below to see how are already using Online EFTPOS.

Ready to get started?

Helpful information on how to get up and running with Click.

Choose your payment solution

Choose your payment solution

First things first - you need to decide how you want to take payment on your website and whether you need a Paymark hosted payment page or require a direct integration (merchant hosted payment page or custom solution).

Hosted payment page

  • We provide and host the page where your customers enter their payment information
  • Fully responsive with customisation options enabling a seamless customer experience
  • Offer your customers Online EFTPOS via the same integration
  • We take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to security standards and requirements

Merchant hosted payment page

  • For businesses that require a payment page built into their website or application
  • Enjoy full control of your customer’s payment experience and the look and feel of the page
  • Get in touch to with us to discuss the best solution for your business

Most online stores simply require a hosted payment page, however if you do require a solution tailored to your business, get in touch with us to discuss how Click can work for you.

Sign-up for Click

Sign-up for Click

Everything you need to get started is in one handy place - our Click test account below. Here you can complete your online application for Click, get access to our payment APIs and see our best-in-breed merchant portal in action.

Have a look at our API documentation here.

You can also read up on our Click Terms and Conditions here.

Still undecided about Click? Sign up for a test account and take a look around.

Get in touch with us if you need any further information about getting started with Click.

Contact your bank

Contact your bank

You also need to contact your bank to set-up an eCommerce merchant facility. Once you’ve signed up, your bank will send the Paymark team the information we need to complete your Click application. These are things like your unique merchant ID and your eCommerce settlement account number.

You can apply for your merchant facility with your bank at the same time as you sign-up with Click and start your integration. Just let your bank know that your eCommerce gateway is Click, by Paymark.

Two things to note

  • Your bank will also charge you a Merchant Service Fee (MSF). This is typically a percentage of each online transaction and is separate to your Paymark Click fees.
  • If you’re also looking to accept American Express and Diners, you might need to contact these companies separately. Ask your account manager at your bank about the best way to go about this.



Click has what you need

Streamlined integrations
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Streamlined integrations

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  • Sign-up, access our payment APIs and start accepting payments via one user-friendly online portal
  • Integrate your Shopify and WooCommerce shopping carts with more integrations coming soon
  • Developer friendly APIs and ongoing technical support
  • Secure PCI 1.3 compliant platform
  • Approved eCommerce gateway with all New Zealand banks"
Flexible payment options
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Flexible payment options

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  • Accept major scheme cards - Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners and American Express
  • Accept Online EFTPOS payments
  • Direct post payment integration
  • Accept manual/MOTO payments
  • Process payments in foreign currencies via local acquiring banks
  • Offer phone payments via integrated IVR
  • Collect payment by linking invoices to your hosted payments page
  • Process recurring and batch payments
Best in breed merchant portal
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Best in breed merchant portal

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  • Track, search and export transaction activity
  • View transactions across multiple banks and payment processors
  • View in store and online transaction trends with Omni-channel token technology
  • Manage transaction types and automatically accept, decline or flag transactions for review
Trusted, secure and reliable
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Trusted, secure and reliable

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  • A secure, world-class payments platform built on 25 years’ experience in processing payments
  • Cardholder data is protected by secure token technology on our PCI 3.1 compliant platform
  • Automated real-time risk transaction screening against common fraud indicators
  • MasterCard SecureCode® and Verified by Visa™ cardholder authentication programs

Need a custom digital payment solution?

Planning on processing more than 2,000 transactions each month? Need an integrated payment page? Looking for a new payment solution tailored made to your business? We can help.

Linked Gateway 2.0

Are you a PCI-compliant eCommerce gateway looking to process eCommerce and mobile payments on the Paymark network? Connect to us via Linked Gateway 2.0.