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Grow your online payments with confidence

With CLICK as your online payment gateway, you automatically get a secure, reliable solution that has your back right out of the gate. That means you can relax and focus on growing your digital empire.

CLICK means superior user experience, faster settlements and instant insight

Overnight settlement for better cashflow

Overnight settlement for better cashflow

Your business gets paid faster with overnight settlement options. Some other online payment gateways expect you to wait up to a week to receive funds. With CLICK, your money arrives overnight.

Superior UX reduces cart abandonment

Superior UX reduces cart abandonment

Shoppers have alternative ways to pay: CLICK is the only gateway integrated with Online EFTPOS to appeal to customers who don’t have credit cards. Convert carts into actual sales on any ecommerce site.

Instant insights into business performance

Instant insights into business performance

CLICK is fully integrated with Insights across all your devices. Use Insights to analyse sales and revenue, customer loyalty patterns transactions and settlement data, 24/7, 365.

Safe, secure, and easy to sign up

Safe, secure, and easy to sign up

CLICK complies with the latest authentication protocol, reducing fraud and enhancing security. New Zealand businesses can sign up in four easy steps.

24/7 local support and over 30 years’ of Kiwi know-how

Worldline provides our customers with round-the-clock local support. We know the New Zealand market, the challenges of selling from Aotearoa to the world, and how to keep you safe.

Trusted by many of NZ’s largest businesses

We clicked because we enable a great online payment experience for their customers.

Always innovating for more seamless transactions

CLICK customers already use number plate recognition, omni-channel token technology and in-store kiosk payments. We’re always seeking ways to make transactions more seamless, so your business can scale up, step forward and be ready for the next wave of online payment innovation.

Z Energy

Z’s pay with app means customers are in control.
Z is about making fueling up as quick and easy as their customers want it to be. With pay with app, customers can choose digital ways to pay that means they don’t have to leave their car, dig out a wallet or even pull out their phone.
Pay by Plate offers the fastest way to pay for fuel. Once customers have set up their details in Z App, they can drive in and Z’s cameras will read the vehicle’s plate, unlock the pump and withdraw payment. It’s as easy as drive in, fuel up, drive out.
Some stations are not able to offer Pay by Plate. For those sites, Pay in App is a clever little feature that also lets customers pay for fuel without leaving their vehicle. Again, pre-set details means that there’s no need for customers to go inside, they can process payment right from their phone and drive off!

Z Energy

New World

With I Shop, New World’s online shopping app, customers can browse the aisles from anywhere. Leveraging CLICK's secure omni-channel token technology, at checkout return customers can save their payment card information for next time.

New World

Versatile and easy integration

We've integrated with some of the world's most popular and widely used shopping carts to ensure you can start taking payments online quickly. Get in touch to find out if we work with your preferred platform.

Find everything you need to know about the CLICK technical integration and gain access to all API documentation

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