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With over 1.2 billion transactions going through our network each year, representing a significant portion of all electronic transactions, we are capturing an almost universal view of the value, time and location of spending in New Zealand – which can tell a very powerful story about consumers and their behaviour.

By collaborating with leading data analytics and research partners, we combine transaction data with demographics, mapping, consumer surveys and intelligence. When we bring all that information together and analyse it, we can learn an enormous amount about how customers behave now and better predict what they will do in the future.

Let the numbers do the talking

billion new

1.2 billion transactions a year

universal new

A near universal view of people over time

evolving new

A dataset that's constantly evolving, every second

We help businesses understand

  • Consumer Spending Behaviour
  • Consumer Demographics
  • Competitive Benchmarks
  • Customer Origin – Local or International
  • Strategies for Growth

Spending Behaviour

A client had a broad product range but was wondering whether to widen it further. By analysing the spending journey of its shoppers, we were able to show that people typically bought commodity grocery items before or after they visited our client’s store. By stocking milk and bread, the client has been able to increase the amount of time and money spent in store.

Spending Behaviour

Strategies for Growth

Brand X, was trying to decide whether to open a new retail store in a shopping area in Mt Wellington, Auckland. Setting up a new store isn’t a cheap exercise – would it be worthwhile? We used detailed analysis of buyer behaviour in the catchment and surrounding areas, demographics, income data, transaction data, competitor profiling, and consumer surveys to come up with the right information. The team at Brand X took a look at all the research and decided not to open a store in that specific location.

Strategies for Growth

Customer Origin

A tourism industry provider was keen to understand the purchasing patterns of international travellers when arriving to New Zealand. The provider wanted to better understand the share of spend and the destinations they frequented when travelling so that they could work with local retailers and experience operators to enhance the offering. They were able to create segments based on country of origin as well as key demographic data.

Customer Origin

Our Insights Partners

Alongside our research partners, we can find and analyse the data you need to find the answers you’re looking for.

Marketview specialises in consumer spending analysis and insights, helping clients throughout New Zealand understand how consumers spend their money.
They can help you understand how consumers respond to marketing campaigns, promotional offers, market changes and new offerings. They can also monitor macro-economic factors, online spending, and infrastructure changes, to provide you with a wider context for your decision making and analysis.

Perceptive is Australasia’s leading technology-based customer insights agency. Perceptive provides research, insights, and data-driven marketing programmes to a variety of organisations across the Asia-Pacific, North America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India.

TRA combines their understanding of human behaviour with intelligent data capability to help organisations navigate uncertainty and answer the big questions they are facing. To do so, they put people at the heart of the organisations they work with through extensive use of research, analytics, strategy, culture and design.

All transaction data is aggregated and anonymised to protect the privacy of merchants and consumers.

All transaction data is aggregated and anonymised to protect the privacy of merchants and consumers.

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