Frequently Asked Questions for The Co-Operative Bank App Users

What do I do before I start using Online EFTPOS?

If you use your bank app regularly, you shouldn’t need to do anything specific to start paying with Online EFTPOS as you are automatically set-up.

Why didn't I receive an Online EFTPOS payment request in my banking app?

There might be a few reasons why you didn’t receive a payment request in your banking app.

  1. Please allow up to 40 seconds for a notification to arrive into your bank app. You can refresh the app or log out and log in to make sure that the app has refreshed.
  2. Please double-check that you have used the mobile phone number that is registered against your bank app.
  3. If the number is correct but no payment request is received after 40 seconds, please check you have enabled the relevant settings on your bank app. If you're unsure of which settings will allow Online EFTPOS payments, we would recommend reaching out to your bank for assistance.

How long do I have to approve my Online EFTPOS payment?

You have four minutes from the time of sending a payment request to log into your bank app to approve the transaction.

What's the most I can spend using Online EFTPOS?

You can pay using Online EFTPOS as many times as you want within your daily limit. The daily limit may vary per bank and per person. If you are unsure, please contact your bank for assistance.

I don't have the relevant bank app to use Online EFTPOS on my phone. Where can I get it?

Look for Co-operative bank app on your device's app store.