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Back in the late 80’s, Kiwis were introduced to an unprecedented wave of payments innovation with EFTPOS. And the secret to its success is simple. Open industry collaboration, powered by Paymark’s ubiquitous and secure payments network. Payments is once again on the cusp of significant change. There's a lot of talk about open banking, open platforms and open APIs to power the next wave of payments innovation in New Zealand.

It’s not just talk. Paymark has built something new and it’s inspired by the same kiwi ingenuity and collaborative spirit that has fueled Paymark’s EFTPOS network for all these years.




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Power your next payments innovation

OPEN – it stands for the Open Payments Enabled Network. In a nutshell, OPEN is a centralised cloud-based hub or network that everyone can connect to via simple APIs to rapidly develop, evolve and deliver innovative payment experiences for their customers. Our OPEN API’s are available to anyone, banks, payments industry partners, fintechs and Kiwi all businesses alike. 

Our vision is simple - to help New Zealand business succeed. To forge ahead and deliver new payment experiences for a digitally enabled mobile first world.




The future of instore

Spark’s 5G network plus Paymark’s innovation means facial recognition payments could be available to businesses all over New Zealand. No wallet, no watch, no phone – no problem. One day in the not-too-distant future, you will be able to pay by simply walking into a store and presenting a smile!







What can we do for you?

Our vision for payment innovation in New Zealand. OPEN can handle the heavy lifting on identity, authorisation and settlement for your next payment innovation. We can also advise and help you with on-boarding, security, compliance and anti-money laundering. Here are just some of the new payment experiences we are working on or are chatting to our industry partners with. 






Send bills/invoices directly to customers banking app. Enjoy faster, more efficient bill payments. Eliminate direct debit costs and streamline your invoice collection process.



Looking for a new in-store payment experience? Redesign your in-store POS experience to create a customer first approach. Manage proof of purchase within an app. Reduce operating costs & manage risk.

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Reach new customers online. Customers can pay for goods online using their mobile phone number and their banking app. Typically lower fees than credit cards and all backed up with bank grade security.




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Your invitation

Let’s take the next step in payments innovation together. If you want to chat about OPEN and how we can help you access the Open Payments Enabled Network, leave your details here and one of the Paymark team will be in touch.