You don’t need a credit card to go contactless, and you don’t need to tap a terminal. You can stay safe and protect others by using Online EFTPOS to pay at a distance. Online EFTPOS removes the need for shoppers to interact with anything except their own phone.

Kiwi retailers can sign up online in just 15 minutes for Online EFTPOS, then push out payments to their customers’ phone banking apps. Customers can approve the payment from any distance, staying within their bubble and using their phone.

This is ideal for medical practices, pharmacies and dairies – it works remotely, so businesses can send a payment request to customers at home over the phone, standing outside, or instore but at a safe distance from other people.

 How does it work for customers?

Your purchases are added up, then you supply your mobile phone number. The person at the checkout pushes out a payment request to your phone number. You open your banking app and you’ll see a notification. It asks you to accept (or decline) the payment. Like any other EFTPOS transaction, the money instantly leaves your account and goes to the retailer’s bank.

That means your payment goes through instantly, without swiping at a terminal or touching the keys, and without needing to be close to the retail staff. You can stand anywhere within the store or outside it – the technology works seamlessly for all customers whose banks accept Online EFTPOS, including Westpac, ASB, Co-op and Heartland banks.

Unlike using a contactless credit card, there’s no $200-limit on your transaction size, so there’s no pin code requirement for a larger spend. The authorisation takes place as you securely log into your banking app. You never touch the EFTPOS terminal to enter your pin and you pay with your own money.

 How does it work for business owners?

As a business owner, you do not need any additional hardware or software to use Online EFTPOS. It operates independently of the EFTPOS network, so you don’t even need an EFTPOS terminal. All you need to do is enter your details online at Any registered New Zealand business can be ready to use Online EFTPOS within about 15 minutes. Customers simply provide their mobile phone number and you push out a payment request from your mobile phone or computer via the OE payment portal to their mobile phone. The customer can receive the request anywhere – at home, outside or inside the store. 

If you run a medical practice, for instance, and you’re currently offering virtual consultations, you can use Online EFTPOS to push out a payment request at the start of a consultation – which means no invoicing or needing to chase up unpaid accounts in the weeks ahead. For pharmacies and dairies, you can allow one customer in at a time, keep your distance from your customer and be paid at a distance of at least two metres. Neither you nor the customer need to touch a terminal or a card, it’s all done via your phones. 

When the customer approves the payment, you receive an instant notification. Unlike a credit card, the transaction cannot be reversed by the bank or the customer. The cost per transaction  is lower than contactless credit card payments, helping you to reduce cost to your business during this challenging time.

Existing Paymark CLICK customers can also use their established network to push out payment requests via email, which can be paid online using either credit card or Online EFTPOS.

 Want to know more?

You can contact our customer service team 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find out more about paying remotely using Online EFTPOS: 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627), or [email protected].