Do you want to see what’s going on in your stores in real-time? Predict staffing requirements more accurately and calculate the value of returning customers?

Paymark Insights turns your Paymark connected eftpos network / terminal into an information powerhouse, giving you the data you need from card transactions to make better business decisions in real-time. You can track exactly how your store is performing, identify busy periods down to the minute and know exactly how the day is tracking without needing to wait for settlement.

What are my busiest hours of the day?

Paymark Insights shows you every card transaction accepted in your store the minute it happens – don’t wait for settlement numbers any longer. At the touch of a button you can quickly see the overall numbers, like total sales and revenue, as well as the finer details – click on any individual transaction for a clearer view.

The search feature lets you rapidly find the transaction you’re looking for: search by the time, date or card number to identify the right purchase. Paymark Insights also shows you refunds and cash withdrawals, so you can keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your business.

Which store has been the most profitable this week?

When your company has several store locations, Paymark Insights pulls all store data into one place. Each store gets added with its own merchant code, allowing you to see metadata across your entire operation or break it down by individual stores. Compare performance by location to see which stores are punching above – or below – their weight.

All information displayed in Paymark Insights is available to export as a CSV file, you can filter your transactions to dive into the data, and you can generate tailored reports to inform specific decision-making.

How valuable are my returning customers?

Unlike most point-of-sale systems, Paymark Insights can show you how many of your customers have used their cards at your store before. It can compare new customers with repeat shoppers, look at how much each group spends on average, and inform your decisions about customer service systems and rewards. Paymark doesn’t track your customers individually, so they don’t need to worry about their privacy, it just takes a note of whether a card has been used in your store (or stores) within the past six months.

Affordable and accessible

Because you’re already connected to the Paymark network, Paymark Insights is an almost instant set-up, transaction data is already available, and you’ll pay only $20 per month for each store. That price includes as many additional team members and admins as you require.

You can access Paymark Insights on your desktop or any mobile device without downloading a separate app, and you can get access to your data back to June 1, 2016. You pay on a monthly basis and you can call or email us to cancel Paymark Insights at any time.

Get your first month free

If you are on the Paymark network, you are eligible for a one-time free trial for the first month per store. Sign up here for instant access. More questions? Try our FAQ page online or call us on 0800 Paymark (0800 729 627) and we can help you out.