The Worldline Consumer Spend Trends dashboard, built with insights agency TRA, provides a snapshot of New Zealand’s consumer spending.

It includes the consumer spend values in New Zealand, compared to previous year.
The table on the right to shows consumer spend values across New Zealand regions.
The data comes from in-store EFTPOS, credit and debit card transactions made across the Worldline network over the last eight-week period, up to the refresh date. The dashboard compares this data to the same period last year.
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Worldline data provides unrivalled visibility of spending across New Zealand with its unparalleled coverage of consumer spend behaviour over time.
We can answer some of the biggest questions facing New Zealand businesses and offer a number of advanced data solutions to solve business problems:
• Market share and competitor analysis
• Customer segmentation
• Business performance reporting
• Catchment profiles and store location planning
• Pricing analysis
• Merchant profiles
• Media placement
• Strategies for growth, acquisition and share of wallet opportunities
• Churn propensity

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About TRA

TRA is an insight agency. We combine our understanding of human behaviour with intelligent data capability to help organisations navigate uncertainty and answer the big questions they are facing. To do so, we put people at the heart of the organisations we work with through extensive use of research, analytics, strategy, culture and design.

About the Data

• The dashboard shows how consumers transacted at selected merchants on the Worldline network during the COVID19 crisis.

• Selected merchants are merchants who have been transacting on the Worldline network for the last two years (i.e. the dashboard data excludes new customers transacting for less than 2 years).

• The dashboard will be updated weekly with the latest data. If you have any questions please see our FAQs by clicking here or contact [email protected].



The information available on, or through this Consumer Spend Trend dashboard contains information provided by Paymark Limited trading as Worldline NZ (Worldline). This information is intended to provide you with general payments information. The information provided here should not be your only source of payment information as only the transactions that are processed by the Worldline network have been included.

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What data is included in the dashboard?

All in store transactions across the Paymark network.

Can the information be provided in a format I can download?

No, the dashboard is only available as shown.

Can my personal consumer spending be identified?

No, none of the data collected identifies individual people.

How can I get information on my own business?

If you are a Paymark customer you can register for Paymark Insights here.

What other information is available to customers?

Customers who have registered for Paymark Insights can access real time and historical sales and transaction data.  To find out more click here.

Is information on industry sectors available?

Please contact [email protected] if you are a Paymark customer. For media enquiries contact Paul Brislen [email protected].

Does the consumer spending numbers include my business if I’m not a Paymark customer?

No, only transactions across the Paymark network are included in the dashboard.

Is there any cost to access or use this information?

There is no cost to access the information on the dashboard.  Please do not copy, use, quote or reference the data or any part of this Consumer Spend Trend dashboard without Paymark’s consent.  To obtain consent to use this information, please contact [email protected] 

How is the Growth Rate calculated?

The Dashboard data is shown as a growth rate, which is an average calculation compared to a baseline.The baseline is calculated using a weekly measure in the period compared to the baseline – same week(s) in previous year.