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Your frequent questions answered

How am I charged for my EFTPOS facility with you?

Right now the Monthly Administration Fee is $13.50 + GST, per billed terminal per month. From 1 July 2017 this will change to $14.00 + GST per billed terminal per month.

What is the EFTPOS connectivity fee?

Paymark offers connection to the network via dial up, both as a primary connection method and as a backup service. This connection method attracts a fee, however we’ll only bill you when you use it:

Back up connectivity:

$6.95 per terminal per month when less than 80% of your transactions are processed using dial up and FREE when you don’t use it.

Primary connectivity:

$9.95 per terminal per month when 80% or more of your machine’s total transactions are processing using dial up.

You can find more information on how you can connect to the Paymark network here.

Is Paymark removing dial up as a connection method to the Paymark network?

A while back we announced that dial up as a connection method to the Paymark network would be removed in 2017. Since then we’ve listened to your feedback and have now partnered with a new service provider.

We’re pleased to announce that from March 2017 we are launching a new service that allows merchants to connect to Paymark via dial up – both as your primary connection and as a backup so that you never get caught out. We’ll continue to offer these options for as long as the copper wire infrastructure is available to us.

How can I make a payment on my account?

Paying your account is easy. Simply choose one of the options below:

1. Direct Debit

Our preferred payment method is direct debit. We can sign you up for Direct Debit payments over the phone in a matter of minutes - simply call us on 0800 Paymark (0800 729 627). You can also download the Direct Debit form and email this to

2. Direct Credit

If you would like to pay by direct credit, simply load Paymark as a bill payee through your online banking. Our information is automatically loaded when you search for ‘Paymark Limited’.

3. Manual Payment

You can also make payments manually and our bank details are listed below. For quick set up in your Internet banking, you can enter ‘Paymark Limited’ under the ‘organisation’ field to load our account information automatically.

IMPORTANT: Remember to provide your client number so we can recognise your payment.

Bank: ASB Bank Limited
Branch: Jellicoe Street
Account Name: Paymark Limited
Bank Account: 12-3403-0004106-00

Particulars: Please enter your client number

4. Credit Card

We also accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Contact our billing team on 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627) to make a one-time payment or set-up automatic monthly payments.

What is the Paymark bank account number?

The bank account used by Paymark to accept payments for accounts, or for setting up a direct debit is 12-3403-0004106-00.

How can I change my direct debit details?

This can be done by contacting the Paymark Customer Care Helpdesk on 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627).

I receive multiple invoices from you per month, can I consolidate these?

It is possible to combine invoices but it’s dependent on the individual business. To discuss your options, please contact the Paymark Customer Care Helpdesk on 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627).

How can I start receiving my invoices by email?

This can be done by contacting the Paymark Customer Care Helpdesk on 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627) or by sending an email to

I only use my EFTPOS terminal a couple of times a year. Do I have to keep it running?

If you have a terminal that you are temporarily not using Paymark may be able to provide a standby option that suspends your EFTPOS terminal for up to six months whilst it is not in use. A fee applies to use the standby service. If you have a small or seasonal business, you may benefit from this option.

To find out more, email the Paymark Customer Care Helpdesk or call us on 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627).