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Our monthly Pulse reports will give you an up-to-date picture of spending in New Zealand.

January 2015

Pulse Online is an up-to-date regional and sector breakdown of spending through our network. Our statistics represent approximately 50 per cent of retail spending in New Zealand, so this monthly report will give you a deep understanding of New Zealand’s retail landscape.

Each month we upload an overview of spending during the month prior here. If you would prefer to receive Pulse Online via email each month, please send a request to marketing@paymark.co.nz or subscribe to our RSS feed here.

Highlights of Paymark activity last month: spending starts year on strong note

By value …

  • Spending through Paymark increased 5.5% between January 2014 and January 2015.
  • The annual growth rate was 8.6% once transactions at fuel outlets were excluded, above the 7.0% ex-fuel growth rate of 2014.
  • In seasonally adjusted terms, ex-fuel spending between December and January increased 1.6%.
  • Several sectors recorded double-digit annual growth in January, including supermarkets and grocery stores (+10.3%), specialised food retailing (+11.1%), furniture, floor coverings and houseware stores (+12.1%), hardware, building and garden suppliers (+11.1%), accommodation (+11.9%) and food and beverage providers (+11.5%).
  • Noticeably the annual growth rate picked up at department stores (+7.2%).
  • However spending growth through Paymark remained low at clothing, footwear and personal accessory retailers (+3.4%).
  • Not surprisingly in view of lower petrol prices, spending at fuel merchants was down 13.6% in January compared to a year ago.
  • Taken across all sectors, annual growth rates were again highest over the month in Otago (+8.2%) and Nelson (+8.3%), followed by Auckland/Northland (+6.7%).
  • Negative annual growth was recorded in Gisborne (-1.0%), Taranaki (-1.1%), South Canterbury (-2.6%) and Southland (-1.8%).

By volume …

  • The number of monthly card transactions was 9.7% higher than a year ago.
  • The growth rate of credit cards (+18.4%), including contactless cards, remains faster than the debit card growth rate (+6.6%).

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