Make the pain of doing business expenses go away

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Meet Paypr, by Paymark.

Paypr is a world first that integrates with your Xero account, delivering the most convenient way for you to manage business expenses. We already handle the transaction and by keeping expenses digital — rather than going from digital, to paper and back to digital — we’ve tidied up the process for you. You’re welcome.

Less admin time. More business time.

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Paypr is an Android and iOS app. Once installed, every time you make a purchase at any Paymark retailer the receipt is automatically sent straight to Paypr on your phone, ready to code and send to Xero.

Our experience takes you from purchase, to Paypr, to Xero with just a few taps. You’ll soon come to enjoy a task you used to loathe. Claiming on the go will become ‘a thing’. You won’t look back and neither will your accountant or financial controller.

Why is Paypr better?

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Because it’s straight from the source, it’ll be right every time.

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The receipt comes through as soon as a purchase is made.

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Paypr eliminates the unnecessary, with ease and simplicity.

Existing Paymark Customer?

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If you are already on the Paymark network, there’s nothing you need to do to enable this functionality for your customers. Paypr customers are activated automatically and will start receiving digital receipts to their mobile phone each time they shop at businesses on the Paymark network.

If you use Xero, you might also want to use Paypr for your business expenses so register sign up for your 1 month fully featured trial at

Who’s it for?

Paypr is for those businesses stuck in end of month receipt hell! If you currently incur business expenses and utilise Xero for your bookeeping then Paypr is right for you.*

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What’s it worth?

About the same as Netflix or Spotify at $12 + GST per user per month. Tailored pricing available on request for large user base licenses.

How do I sign up?

Paypr is available on Andriod and IOS. Click below to get started on your free 1 month fully featured trial.

Go to Paypr ico-weblink

* Paypr is connecting with Xero exclusively for launch only. Integration with other accounting packages is on the horizon.