The new choice at checkout

So you want to buy something awesome online…a gig ticket…something cute for your dog...or maybe just a tasty burger...but without the need for a card. No worries. The future of online payments is here.

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See how Online EFTPOS makes it easier to pay

Credit’s great until credit’s overdue

Credit cards are great for some, but not for all. Online EFTPOS gives you a way to pay with your own money, not someone else’s.

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Less is more

Shopping online? If you’re paying with Online EFTPOS, all you need is your mobile number.

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Shop App-ier

Your mobile banking app is so useful for banking-on-the-go, and now for online shopping. If you have an ASB, Co-op, Heartland or Westpac banking app, there is nothing you need to do – you’re good to go!

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Where can I shop?

The cool thing is 100's of clever Kiwi retailers already have Online EFTPOS with more joining the revolution all the time. Just look out for 'Online EFTPOS’ when you're at checkout. From your favourite bacon backfire burger to that slick new pair of boots, here are just some of the retailers you can shop online with:

Consumer Feedback


So easy to pay

“So easy to pay that way instead of entering credit card details online, and needing to pay off purchases each month”


No second transfer needed

“This means it can come straight off my main account instead of using the credit card and transferring money over to pay for it!”


Don’t have my card on me

“Super handy for those days I don't have my card on me but there's a good special”


Pay straight away, no debt

“Great to be able to be pay for something straight away from my account instead of locking up debt with the credit card!”


I don't own a credit or debit plus

“Simply put - I don't own a credit or debit plus card! This would be faster than paying via internet banking too so would be the preference”


I don't have to remember passwords

“I don't have to remember passwords or credit card numbers, oh lord this could get out of hand very quickly”


Saves me from having to find my wallet

“Apart from not having to avoid the fuss of worrying about getting my credit card details stolen, this saves me from having to find my wallet to grab my credit card and order things easy off my phone”


Less hassle than online banking

“Less hassle than online banking, I always forget my PayPal password, and sometimes I'm just too lazy to get my bag to put card details in, I pretty much always have my phone on me though”