Whether you are looking to introduce your own store card or replace your traditional host-based legacy system, we can provide a card solution that is completely suited to your needs.

What is it?

Allows businesses to provide a tailored customer experience by issuing their own loyalty and debit cards and transacting on our safe, secure and reliable payments network. All you need to worry about is what your card’s going to look like. We take care of the rest.


Current customers include

What’s unique about us?

We have been around over 25 years and we understand the rigorous security standards 
around card authorisation and payment. At Paymark we have the experience to be able
to do the heavy lifting on compliance so you don’t have to.

Card solution features include

icon standalone

Stand alone, cooperative and stand-in processing options

icon processing

High redundancy transaction processing

icon terminal

Product code mapping and authorisation direct from EFTPOS machine

icon realtime

Real-time handling for lost and stolen cards

icon pincode

PIN code authentication

icon helpdesk

Auckland-based 24/7 Help desk and operational support

icon cardacceptance

Card acceptance and velocity limits

icon transaction reporting

Transaction reporting

icon securefile

Secure file transfer


What’s it worth?

Cost depends on your requirements so we need to consider each on a case by case basis. Best to Get in Touch directly for further information.