Designed to provide insights that will help you be more profitable and productive, Market Reporting benchmarks your performance against the broader industry in which you compete.


Whether you’re a stand-alone store or have multiple sites throughout New Zealand, with Market Reporting you can see how your business is performing in comparison with the rest of your local market.

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Track the effects of advertising and promotional campaigns

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Average ticket prices, total sales and total revenue against your competitors

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Compare the performance of your different branches

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See your performance on a daily, weekly and yearly basis

Key features


For businesses on the Paymark network, we can provide the data on all electronic transactions received by you and other businesses in your market. This information includes:

  • Share of the number of transactions
  • Share of revenue from these transactions
  • Daily or weekly breakdowns
  • Average ticket size or transaction amount.

What’s it worth?

My Market Select $59.95 
Provides a weekly report with a daily breakdown of your transactions and revenue compared to those of a group of competitors that you select.

My Market Local $44.95 
Provides daily information showing your transactions compared to the businesses in your industry in the local area.

My Market Custom (Custom Pricing) 
Large retailers in particular may want information at a regional or national level not just store level. Or you may want an hourly breakdown rather than daily breakdown of when transactions are happening. We can create customised reporting to suit your needs.

How do we get this?

You can sign up in no time at all.


Note: Data for all report types is aggregated with a minimum of five different merchants to ensure individual merchant confidentiality, and is only available for regions and industries in which you are present.