Pay your way

The next generation in online payments is here. With Online EFTPOS by Paymark you can make payments directly from your ASB mobile banking app.

Where can I start using it?

Online EFTPOS is now available as a payment option on Check out below to see how it works!

Why pay with Online EFTPOS?

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Save time and hassle by simply entering your mobile number and paying directly from your phone

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See your transactions on your online bank statement immediately

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Reduce your fraud risk by removing the need to share sensitive payment card data

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Support local online stores by selecting a payment option that is significantly more cost effective

How does it work?


Who is it for?

ASB Mobile app running on an Apple device

Who is it for?

Online EFTPOS is currently available exclusively to ASB customers, however Paymark is actively working with a number of other banks to turn on Online EFTPOS functionality for their customers as well.

Your questions answered

My transaction hasn’t been processed or has declined. What should I do?

This typically happens if:

  • The "PayHere" function in your ASB Mobile bankinbg app is set to OFF. Go to SETTINGS in the app and change "PayHere" to ON
  • The transaction is not approved within your banking app within four minutes
  • You decline the payment notification within your banking app
  • There are not enough available funds in the account you selected

Simply try the payment again and select Online EFTPOS or an alternative payment method.

I’m having trouble authorising a payment within my ASB mobile banking app. Who should I contact?

Contact the ASB Contact Centre on 0800 803 804.

How do I select the account I want to make payment from?

You can select your account directly within your mobile banking app.

When will an Online EFTPOS payment come through on my online bank statement?

Online EFTPOS transactions should appear immediately on your online bank statement.

Do I need my EFTPOS card to make payment via Online EFTPOS?

No. Online EFTPOS is enabled via your mobile banking app and a physical payment card is not required.

I don’t have the ASB banking app. Can I still use Online EFTPOS?

No. Online EFTPOS only works via the ASB mobile banking app. If you are an ASB customer you can learn more about their mobile app here.

I don’t bank with ASB. Can I still use Online EFTPOS?

No. Online EFTPOS is currently only available to ASB customers. To learn more about ASB banking options click here.

When will other banks come on board so that I can start using Online EFTPOS?

Our goal is to have Online EFTPOS available to anyone with a New Zealand bank account and we are currently working with a number of banks to achieve this.

I haven’t received the purchase I made via Online EFTPOS. Who do I speak to?

For all product enquiries or issues with your order please contact the company/website where you made the purchase.

I require a refund for a purchase I made via Online EFTPOS. Who do I speak to?

For all refund enquiries please contact the company/website where you made the purchase.

Are there any limits on making purchases with Online EFTPOS?

Transactions made using Online EFTPOS may be subject to daily limits.