Online EFTPOS Autopay enables your customer to give you (the merchant) authority to process an Online EFTPOS payment on the customer’s account.  This is analogous to a “saved card”: the customer can initiate a payment using their saved Online EFTPOS details and this is approved if the customer has sufficient funds in their account.  This saves the customer from having to enter their Online EFTPOS details again and go into their banking app to approve the payment.

If you are considering offering your customers Online EFTPOS Autopay, there are obligations you need to fulfil to ensure your customer’s details are secure.  These obligations are detailed below.

Supported Banks

Online EFTPOS Autopay is currently offered through ASB.  Autopay should only be offered to customers using ASB to make their Online EFTPOS payment. 

Enabling Autopay

You must already offer Online EFTPOS as a payment method to be able to add Autopay.  Adding Online EFTPOS is simple: contact us on click@paymark.co.nz to get the process started.

We (Paymark) must approve in writing addition of Autopay to your Online EFTPOS facility.  There are some Autopay terms and conditions that you need to accept as part of adding Autopay.  Plus you need to use Autopay as described in this page at all times.

When enabling Autopay you must comply with the Paymark Click API specification for using payment tokens and Online EFTPOS.

Contact us on click@paymark.co.nz to discuss adding Autopay.

Using Autopay

Online EFTPOS Autopay may be offered to authenticated customers only: your customer must use an account on your website or app that is secured with a login and password.  Guest checkout is not permitted for Online EFTPOS Autopay.

When your authenticated customer is shown their saved payment methods, if you have an Autopay arrangement for this customer you must show this option.  You should show the bank and the mobile phone number the customer has saved so they can easily identify the Autopay option they want to use.

An explanation about Autopay must be easily accessible to your customers.  You can use the following explanation:

“Autopay can be used to pre-approve Online EFTPOS payment requests on websites and apps that you trust with a single click. Don’t worry – you are in full control and can cancel Autopay anytime from within your mobile banking app settings.

Autopay is currently available for ASB customers.

To enable Autopay, simply tick the ‘Enable Autopay’ box and confirm the payment in your mobile banking app the first time you make an Online EFTPOS payment on a website or app.

The next time you pay with Online EFTPOS on that website or app, your payment request will be automatically approved, no need to check your banking app to approve the payment. So as long as you have money in your account, you’ll be one click away from that purchase. Simple!

To cancel Autopay, just select the website or app from your Online EFTPOS settings and press delete.

Learn more about Online EFTPOS links to https://www.paymark.co.nz/products/online-eftpos/consumer/.”

Removing Autopay Arrangement

The customer can revoke the Autopay arrangement in their banking app at any time.  When we notify you this has happened you must remove any Autopay references from the customer’s account, for example, delete the Paymark Click Autopay payment token.

The customer must be allowed to revoke their Autopay arrangement via your website or app.  When this happens, you must notify us so the Paymark Click payment token can be removed.

Go-Live Checklist

Lastly, please use this checklist to confirm your website /app  meets obligations to enable Autopay:

  • You have written permission from Paymark for enabling Autopay.
  • Only customers that are logged in and authenticated on your website can enable Autopay.
  • Your customers can only enable Autopay for supported banks (currently ASB only).
  • An explanation about Autopay is easily accessible for customers from the payment screen (see “What is Autopay”? description).
  • Saved Autopay details (bank and mobile phone number) are clearly displayed to the customer on the payment screen if the customer has Autopay set up.
  • You must remove the saved Autopay details for a customer for all stores on your website / app when notified by Paymark that the customer has revoked Autopay. (A customer can revoke Autopay at any time via their mobile banking app).
  • Your customers are able to revoke Autopay at any time for all your stores via your website / app. When this happens, you must update Paymark so that the Autopay arrangement also gets removed from the customer’s mobile banking app.

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