Case Studies

Project Espresso

In 2010, BNZ approached Paymark with a vision for piloting a new form of contactless payments. Contactless cards were beginning to enter the New Zealand market, which enabled customers to make a transaction by tapping their contactless card onto a contactless reader. However, BNZ wanted to take it a step further.

In collaboration with Paymark, Vodafone, Visa and Skyzer, BNZ wanted to test credit cards that had been embedded into the secure element within a sim card, meaning people could use their mobile phones to make electronic payments. Mobile phones enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology were given to Vodafone and BNZ staff to trial and throughout late 2011, in combination with contactless EFTPOS terminals these phones were used to make electronic transactions at selected coffee shops in Auckland and Wellington – hence Project Espresso was born.

As with all electronic transactions, Paymark’s role during the trial was to provide the interface between the bank and the point of sale technology, to process electronic transactions in a secure and reliable manner. Paymark also needed to understand how contactless cards in a mobile handset would interact with the traditional acceptance system of card-based electronic transactions.

How did it turn out? We’ll let Russell Briant, BNZ’s principal strategist for payments and eCommerce tell you.

“We wanted to partner with best-in-breed companies for this trial so that at the end of it we had a clear picture on how NFC-enabled contactless payments could work in New Zealand. So, for us, it was natural to partner with Paymark.

“Paymark was great at taking our vision and making it happen. We needed things like terminal certification and testing to happen faster than normal. Throughout the project, Paymark was quick to fix issues that cropped up and happy to co-ordinate with the partners and international representatives to make this trial a success,” says Briant.

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We wanted to partner with best-in-breed companies for this trial ..."

Russell Briant, BNZ Principal Strategist for Payments & eCommerce

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