When I started at Paymark I was blown away at how the simple process of paying for something with my EFTPOS card very quickly became a complex interaction parties.  I don’t know what I had thought was happening in the background … did someone run around to your bank and get a wodge of cash to take to my bank? Or perhaps there’s just lots of emails going back and forth after hours, telling all the banks and retailers who’s got what? Courier pigeons?  

 Our CIO, Conrad Morgan, was the master of telling this story armed with a rainbow of markers and a whiteboard, and he’s share his knowledge with our new starters.  As is the thing with being new there’s so much to learn that all of the great info Conrad imparted would get lost or muddled with everything else.  So we automated the story that Conrad told, freeing him up to go forth and do more in the technology space, and giving our new people (and sometimes not so new people) something to watch as part of our induction and on demand to make all of the info sticky.

 So kick back get comfy and check out how a very cool network of activity makes payments easy which is why New Zealanders love using their EFTPOS cards more than just about anyone else in the world.