Remember those situations where you still needed cash long after everybody else accepted cards? Food trucks, school fairs, farmers’ markets and charity bucket collections, for instance – not to mention if your business means you are out and about and want to get paid quickly. There are some places where it’s still tricky to pay by card, and while connected terminals are an option, now there’s another solution.

Payminty is a new Kiwi fintech business that provides an alternative payment method. All you need is a mobile phone and a Payminty QR code allowing you to receive payments via Worldline’s Online EFTPOS or CLICK platforms. That means you can have a digital honesty box, collect school donations, get paid for the delicious ice cream you sell from your food truck or take payments on the go almost anywhere.


Contactless, cashless payments anywhere

Payminty accepts contactless, cashless payments using a mobile phone and a Payminty QR code. It can be the sole payment solution or complement your existing hardware. You don’t need a terminal or a card reader, and you can make as many payments as required. Thanks to the partnership with Worldline, Payminty is an affordable solution that runs via our CLICK or Online EFTPOS gateways, accepting Online EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and Google Pay methods.

Customers pay by scanning a Payminty QR code for each transaction, which can be for an amount set by the vendor or for a variable amount entered by the customer. Payminty gives both customers and merchants instant notification of payments including e-receipts, as well as the ability to process refunds on the spot.


Charity on the go with KidsCan and Payminty

KidsCan raises money to provide the essentials for Kiwi kids in need. Every two years, KidsCan runs a fundraising road trip down the length of the country, starting from Paihia and driving to Invercargill, loosely following the path taken in the movie Goodbye Pork Pie. It’s called the Pork Pie Charity Run, and to make it a success, the KidsCan team needed to collect as many donations as possible as the 60 teams drove their Minis down New Zealand.

The Payminty team set up each of the teams with a unique QR code, with digital collection buckets and tracking to see which team raised the most money. Donors loved not having to download any apps or register for any websites, and the QR codes could be attached to almost anything, turning cars, buckets, posters and more into donation points. It was a huge success for KidsCan which raised more than $325,000. The event also saw KidsCan named as a finalist in the Best Use of Event/Community Fundraising Initiative category at the 2022 FINZ Awards for fundraising.

Payminty has also been successfully used at the Lexus Urban Polo event to collect payments from the hospitality marquees, for an honesty box at Coringa Golf Club, and by Melt Food Truck in Northland. For all these merchant stories and more, visit the Payminty website.


Could Payminty work for you?

If you’re looking for a way to process payments outdoors, on the go, or in an area with low network coverage, Payminty can help. Got questions? Get in touch today to talk to us about how Worldline and Payminty can help.