Providing your customers with a way to make a one-off payment securely over the phone can create a headache for merchants.  Some merchants resort to taking a customer’s card details over the phone, writing them down on a piece of paper and entering the details – a method that’s open to mistakes and offers no security at all. 

Every business needs an online payment option

There are many use-cases where having the ability to take a one-off payment over the phone can be extremely useful. A customer could be stuck at home, or out of town, but still want to buy from their local store. Or they might be behind on their payments and ring the merchant to resolve the issue.

Using CLICK, a one-off online payment can be processed quickly and securely. Rather than writing down the card details, you can simply generate a one-time URL in Paymark’s CLICK portal.  The URL provides a link so that your customer can pay directly into your bank account. It includes the reference, particulars and payment amount that you specify when you generate the link. This means your customer can’t make a mistake writing down your bank details, and you have all the correct references you need to reconcile the payment.


How does it work?

If you’re currently a CLICK merchant, you already have access to this feature in the CLICK portal. If you’re not a CLICK merchant, you’ll need to be onboarded to CLICK to access the CLICK portal. Once you’re set up, you simply select your account in the CLICK merchant portal, enter the reference, particulars and amount for the payment and click to generate the URL. You then copy and paste this into an email to your customer.  Your customer clicks on the link and it takes them to a CLICK secure static payments page. The customer enters their own card details and the payment is processed securely.

For example, Paymark’s CLICK one-off payments is utilised by a small building company specialising in kitchens and bathrooms. Each build is different so it can’t be standardised on an ecommerce site for payment.  They were sending customers an invoice for the entire build with three to four payment amounts as the build progressed.  However, as changes are often made during the process the amount to pay at each stage would change.  They found customers often paid the wrong amount and didn’t use the invoice number in the reference resulting in a lot of time following up with customers and taking late payments over the phone. 

By using CLICK one-off payments, the Account Manager can email the customer with a one-time URL with the exact amount they need to pay and with the correct reference details included with the payment. There’s no need to write down the card number, and both the building company and customer can feel confident that the payment has been processed safely.


How can your business use CLICK for occasional online payments?

To use CLICK one-off payments simply access this through the CLICK merchant portal if you are already a CLICK merchant.  If you’re not already a CLICK merchant simply contact the team to be onboarded to CLICK.  Your account can be set up in just a few days.

Paymark’s CLICK payment gateway gives your business secure, reliable one-off transactions. Payments settle overnight and there’s no limit to the number of transaction requests you can send out. Once you’re a CLICK client, you have access to 24/7 local customer support, and the CLICK dashboard gives you information about all your CLICK transactions.

If your business evolves and you have more customers wanting to pay online, you’re already a CLICK merchant so you just need to set up an ecommerce site providing secure online payments and features such as Online EFTPOS.


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