Looking to make the best decisions for your business in 2019 and beyond? You can’t do that without the best information. Here at Paymark, we’ve just released a major report into New Zealand shopping and payment habits, compiled from not only the biggest payments transaction data set of 2018, but also a broader look at international payments trends.

In Payments 2018, a Year in Review, we’ve combed through the billions of transactions that went through the Paymark network last year to tease out what Kiwis are spending, where they’re spending it and what they’re buying. We can also help you predict what they’ll be buying this year, what drives their spending online and instore, and how global megatrends are affecting Kiwi spending.




This free report provides you with detailed information to help you make the best choices for your business in the year ahead, including:

The big picture

Did New Zealanders spend more in 2018 than the previous year? How was growth? We know that consumer confidence and business confidence are down – but is that reflected in spending? Higher fuel prices, fewer tourists and steady house prices: we look at the impact of all of these factors on Kiwi payment volumes and transactions. We’ve also got a forecast for growth during 2019.

The perfect time to shop

The busiest time of the week is Saturday and the peak hour is between 12pm and 1pm. During weekdays the peak shopping hours are 11am to 12pm and from 4pm till 5pm. Find out which profession knocks off early on a Friday, and what time to take your car to be repaired.

Where we’re spending our money

Spending in every sector but one has increased over the past 12 months by between 0.3% and 6.2%. In summer, we spend more at the gym, the hardware store, book shops and garden stores – as well as holidays. When the weather turns colder, more of our money goes on power, movies, bakeries and car parking.

Regional spending trends

Auckland spending is pretty flat, which is reflected in nationwide spending. So which region has had double-digit growth in the past year? And where has accommodation spending increased by almost 14%, against the run of play?

How much are your repeat customers worth?

Do you know what percentage of the transactions through your business are for returning customers? For most businesses it’s at least 80%, although it’s lower for the accommodation sector. Local research indicates that giving your customers the VIP treatment may be more effective than putting a loyalty scheme in place, so think carefully about how you could be driving repeat business.

Online shopping: will it overtake bricks and mortar?

Not for a long time, but it is definitely on the rise. Two thirds of New Zealanders shopped online last year and that number is predicted to grow to 83% by 2026. We’ve got the data on which regions have the most online shoppers and how much faster eCommerce is growing compared to traditional bricks-and-mortar purchases. Plus, with 33% of New Zealand’s online dollars being spent offshore, how will the ‘Amazon tax’ impact New Zealand online shopping?

Contactless credit cards: in demand

Consumers are enthusiastic about contactless payments because they take some of the friction out of your transactions – 72% of Kiwis regularly pay with a contactless card. We also have the data on which areas have the highest numbers of contactless payments. Will we start being able to pay with cryptocurrencies soon? And are cheques finally dying?

Buying on a mobile device

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of mobile phone ownership in the world, with 21% of shoppers using their mobile phones or tablets to make purchases. Worldwide, 80% of mobile users plan to use their phones or devices to buy something in the year ahead. Shopping cart abandonment is a major problem for online retailers – we have some tips for preventing this.

Convenience is king

There are more than one million Millennials in New Zealand and they are now our biggest generation. Younger New Zealanders are spending proportionately more on food, are more likely to shop on a mobile device and put a premium on convenience.

Cashless society – how far away is it?

At some point, will your business no longer need to accept cash? Auckland was selected by Visa as one of the world’s leading ‘cashless cities’ – ATM numbers are decreasing, bank branches are closing, but is the amount of cash in circulation decreasing?

Is the Christmas rush starting earlier?

Black Friday is now well and truly on the New Zealand retail calendar. It’s a US import – and it’s kick-starting the festive shopping season. Does it move spending to earlier in the year, or does it increase total pre-Christmas spending?

Where to for 2019?

We’re sharing our spending predictions for 2019 and the big trends that are shaping the future of payments. Will 2019 be the year when open banking begins to build its momentum in New Zealand? How will your business deliver the kind of convenience that’s driving modern shoppers? Will you buy a tiny handbag now you no longer need to carry a wallet?

Payments Review

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