What is an Independent ATM?

Independent ATMs (IATMs) give your customers more choice and flexibility to withdraw money in locations that may not traditionally be able to offer such services. Paymark provides the transaction-processing services behind the IATMs and works with accredited partners (DC Payments and Next Payments) who provide the machines themselves – so you can rest assured that you’re providing your customers a safe, secure and reliable service.

How are IATMs different from normal ATMs?

This type of ATM is different from standard bank-owned ATMs as they are independently operated and charge customers a direct fee to use the service. The fee is disclosed upfront so the customer can decide whether to proceed or not.

Benefits of an IATM

Increased foot traffic. Studies show IATMs can increase sales (up to 18 per cent through impulse buys) and improve the average sale price. You pay lower bank fees through reduced cash-handling costs when banking funds, and safer cash management in store with funds able to be held securely in the IATM safe.

How can I get an IATM?

If an IATM sounds like something you’d like to install in your premises, you’ll need an area that is well lit and private enough that the customer can safely enter their PIN number. To find out more please contact us at support@paymark.co.nz

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