Learn more about Paymark's and EFTPOS' humble New Zealand beginnings, to where we are today - nearly 20 Billion transactions totalling NZ $1 Trillion and our view on the future of payments in our latest 30 Years of EFTPOS NZ data trends eBook.

Find out what NZ has spent $1 Trillion on

We're building the future of payments

Back in the late 80’s, Kiwis were introduced to an unprecedented wave of payments innovation with EFTPOS. And the secret to its success is simple. Open industry collaboration, powered by Paymark’s ubiquitous and secure payments network. Payments is once again on the cusp of significant change. There's a lot of talk about open banking, open platforms and open APIs to power the next wave of payments innovation in New Zealand.

It’s not just talk. Paymark has built something new and it’s inspired by the same kiwi ingenuity and collaborative spirit that has fueled Paymark’s EFTPOS network for all these years.

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